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How Movies Synchronize the Brains of an Audience | Science | WIRED

This is fascinating stuff. But I hope movie studios don’t use it against us to produce clean, “perfect” movies to fit the scientific perimeters. That might produce boring art.

The Y.A. debate, in short, is about more than young-adult books and their not-so-young readers. It’s a recapitulation of a deeper debate that we’ve been having for centuries—a debate about why books matter to us, and what reading is “for.” It’s also a debate about who we want to be. Talking about what makes us cry is also a way of talking about ourselves. With each way of talking—sentimental, sensational, aesthetic—we say something different: that we’re kindhearted and empathetic, or passionate and romantic, or sensitive to beauty and the pleasures of art. Saint, lover, artist: surely these are all good ways of being. Probably, though, we’ll keep arguing about them forever. Nabokov was wrong; we never lose interest in the adolescent project of learning to live.
Crying While Reading Through the Centuries : The New Yorker (via imamandanelson)
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